April 13, 2017

Free Online Image Optimizer

Imagify’s free tool is an awesome image optimizer to compress your images in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats to help you speed up your website.

Who Needs Image Optimization?

Designers should always compress their visuals if they are to be used on a website. Images are a big reason why some websites load so slow! 

Developers are usually the ones who resize and compress images on a website. Usually, we’d recommend using our API instead of our online image optimizer.

Website owners should always optimize their images to speed up their website and improve their SEO efforts. If you are using WordPress, you can do the work automatically right in your CMS! 

A Faster Website Without Sacrificing Image Quality

Speeding up a website doesn’t mean you should settle for low quality images. Most people are not aware of the various compression modes available to them. You can have lossy and lossless compression. Technically, it is entirely possible to reduce an image to the smallest size possible but it usually leads to massive amounts of visual degradation (in plain English that means yucky quality). Imagify gives you control over aims to avoid these messy situations.

What does Imagify do?

Imagify uses a series of techniques to make your images web-friendly. Our powerful compression algorithm will reduce the size of your images and remove all the extra information contained in your files. You can pick one of the three levels of optimization to reach the optimal level of compression: 

  • Normal: our algorithm improves your images by compressing them losslessly
  • Aggressive: make images noticeably lighter with a lossy compression
  • Ultra: when speed is your main priority, the ultra compression mode will go the extra mile with a lossy compression

Why use Imagify?

Because most of the stock photos you download and most of the visuals your web agency or designer provide you are not compressed for the web. This can dramatically slow down a website, depending on how many images are on your website. Imagify helps you correct these issues. Images that are less heavy mean a website that loads faster. 

Imagify, decrease the size of your images, increase the speed of your website: try it for free
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