13 April 2017

Check Out Our Free Online Image Optimizer

Imagify offers a free image optimizer. Why? Well because we noticed that many people do not realize that images are often dragging a website’s performance down. Have you ever felt like your website is taking too long to load? Well, it could be because of your images. You can quickly check if that’s the case by compressing the images on some of your webpages in a few seconds.

What Is Image Compression?

Images are the heaviest part of a webpage. The web keeps growing heavier and heavier. One way to remedy this issue is through image compression. Simply put, image compression is reducing the size in kb of graphics files. This reduction allows images to be loaded much faster and gives your load time a boost.

How To Use Our Online Image Optimizer?

Our image optimizer is one of the best image compression tools you can find online. For those using WordPress and looking for an image compression solution for their website, we highly recommend you give our free image compression plugin a try! It will optimize images right in your CMS. No fuss, no muss, just great load time performance. There are 2 things that set our free plugin apart: you can optimize images on the fly and if you aren’t happy with the result, you can go back to the original images.

If you are looking for an online image compressor, then go head straight to our optimizer. It gets the job done.

Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

Our image optimizer takes care of lossless image compression in a jiffy. We offer an image compression software…but for free…and online. Imagify gives you control over the quality of your images. You can choose between 3 types of optimization modes: normal, aggressive and ultra aggressive. It’s like having an advanced image compressor right in your browser window or WordPress dashboard.

Optimize Your Images By Page or By Images

The Imagify optimization tool allows you to reduce your images by batches or by page. By default, the Image Optimization option is selected. You can drag and drop your images directly into the tool. You can pick your compression level and get started!free imagify image optimizer interface

What About The Results?

Wondering if it worked? Well, with Imagify, you can know right away because we provide you with the data regarding how much you’ve been able to reduce image file size. Our online image and photo compressor will inform you how much percentage you were able to compress. If your images are already perfect as they are, it will also let you know because there’s no point in risking a pixelated picture!

Getting Your Images

Imagify requires people to create an account to download the optimized images. There’s a very good reason for that: we want to make sure you truly are the owner of the page or images you are trying to optimize. While we can’t always be sure 100%, we are doing our best to make sure this is the case.¬†Optimized images are available to download for 24 hours. After that, they expire and you need to start the process again. Our free accounts have a file size upload limit of 2MB. Beyond that, you need to get creative or purchase one of our optimization plans.

What Types of Images Can Be Compressed?

You can reduce jpeg files, gif files and png files with Imagify’s optimizer. Of course, some image formats are easier to compress than others. For example, jpeg are great candidates for image compression (lossy or lossless compression can both be achieved fairly easily). If you are wondering how to compress a jpeg photo, wonder no more! It can be done in just a few clicks with a free photo compressor. No need to go out and buy Photoshop or any other time of software that reduces the size of your images.

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