How to avoid PDF optimization

It is possible to exclude PDF files from auto-optimization by installing and activating our Skip PDF Auto-Optimization helper plugin.

However, there is currently no way to exclude PDF files in your Media Library from bulk optimization, as this helper plugin will not prevent the Bulk Optimizer from optimizing your PDF files.

One potential workaround would be to use an FTP program to upload your PDF files to a custom folder other than your WordPress Media Library (like /wp-content/uploads/pdf/ for example). If your PDFs are located outside of your Media Library, then they won’t be optimized by the Bulk Optimizer.

This may not be an optimal solution, but it’s unfortunately the only option we can suggest at the moment.

We do have an issue created on Imagify’s GitHub to add functionality to allow users to exclude specific file types from bulk optimization. While we cannot offer a specific timeframe for when this functionality may be added, you can track the progress here if you’d like:

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