What is One-Time Plan

InformationWhen all One-Time plan quota is consumed, it does not automatically renew. It has to be purchased manually.

One-Time Plan:

  • will allow you to optimize images greater than 2MB
  • has a fixed quota (but you cannot create sub-accounts unlike Monthly / Yearly plans)
  • has no time limit on when you can use it
  • can be accumulated (unlike Monthly & Yearly Plans)
  • can be used in one go (until your data limit is reached), or may be used little by little in the next coming months or years
  • can be used by itself, and can be added with an existing Monthly or Yearly subscription
  • never expires (unless all quota is consumed)
  • may be purchased directly from Imagify Subscription Page
  • available in 500MB, 1GB, 3GB (and Custom One-Time Plan)
NoteNeed a custom One-Time plan built specifically for you? Contact us!
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