How to setup WebP with CDN & Cloudflare?

NoteUsing rewrite rules to display WebP images is not possible both when CDN or Cloudflare are active.

If you decide to display WebP format on your site by using <picture> tag, CDN field will show up in the settings page:


If you use Cloudflare Free or Pro ($20 per month) plan, there is no need to add anything in CDN URL field.

This is because Cloudflare (all plans below Business) does not offer custom CNAME Setup, which means your images path will stay as same as before setting it up.

Standard CDN services

Using a “classic” CDN service (the one that offers you custom CNAME/CDN URL) requires to use a custom URL related to their servers. It is important to add CNAME URL (given by the CDN provider) in this field in that case.

Some “classic” CDN providers:

  • KeyCDN
  • Stackpath (MaxCDN)
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