What is Image Optimization and Why is it Important?

Image Optimization Explained

Image Optimization is the process of making the file size of your images smaller while preserving their quality and vibrance so they still look great on your website or where ever else you are using them. You can see an example of this in action below. The left side shows image before optimization while the right side shows the resulting image quality after optimization.

How Image Optimization is Achieved

Compressing Your Images

Images contain a large amount of information which is responsible for their display on screens as you see them. Image compression is the process of removing the parts of that information that doesn’t affect how the human eye perceives those images, resulting in images with smaller file sizes, faster loading times, and no (or minimal) loss of image quality.

Resizing the Dimensions of Your Images

The larger the dimensions of an image, the larger the file size is. Many of your high-quality images may be in sizes that are much too large for practical use on your website. For example, you may have an image that is 8000 x 6000 pixels in size, but there are almost no cases where an image that large would need to be displayed on a website.

There’s no need for images to be that large, so to reduce file size, Imagify has a setting that allows you to choose a maximum width for all of your images, and if you upload images that are larger than that size, it will resize them for you during optimization. When it does this, it will resize your images proportionally and will not crop them.

Creating WebP Versions of Your Images

WebP images are a relatively new type of image developed by Google, and they typically offer an even smaller file size than optimized JPG/PNG images at the same or comparable image quality. During optimization, Imagify will also create WebP versions of your images as long as you have the option enabled in your settings.

Why Image Optimization is Important

Improved Experience For Your Website Visitors

When the file size of your images is greatly reduced by an image optimization service like Imagify, your website’s pages can load much faster and this results in a much better experience for your visitors! It’s just so much better when pages are loading quickly and crisply.

Page Loading Speed is Now a Search Ranking Factor

It is now widely known that Google and other search engines are using webpage loading speed as one of their ranking factors, and making sure your images are optimized is an important part of that so you don’t fall behind.

May Improve Website Conversion Goals

Whether your goal is for your website users to stick around and view as many of your pages as possible, to make a purchase, or to complete some other task, having fast-loading pages is extremely important. The faster and easier to navigate your site is, the more likely it is that people will stick around longer.

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