How to Convert Image

With Imagify, you can convert PNG images to JPG images, and you can also convert JPG, PNG, and GIF images into WebP images!

Converting Images to WebP Format

To convert your images to WebP format, make sure you have the “Create webp versions of images” option enabled in your Imagify plugin settings page:

With this option enabled, when you optimize your images, Imagify will also create WebP versions of your original image and also all the thumbnail sizes that are enabled in the “Files Optimization” section of your settings page.

Conversion of images to WebP format cannot be done using our online App.

Converting PNG Images to JPG Format

To convert PNG images to JPG format, visit our online App and make sure you have the “Auto Convert PNG to JPEG” option checked:

Then drag and drop your image or click to upload it, and when the image is optimized, it will also be converted to JPG format.

Images cannot be converted from PNG to JPG format using the Imagify plugin.

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