On How Many Sites Can I Use Imagify?

You can use Imagify on as many websites as you wish by using your account’s unique API key to connect each of them to your Imagify account.

InformationThere is no extra cost for using your Imagify subscription for multiple websites and domains!

Depending on whether you’re using the Imagify Plugin or the Imagify API, specifically how you connect your sites will be slightly different. If you’re unsure about how to connect your websites to your Imagify account, please view our guide on how to connect to your Imagify account.

Connecting to multiple websites using your account’s API key is great in many cases, but there are some situations where sub-accounts might be useful as well. If you decide you need more control over how much of your quota is distributed to each site, or if you’d like to provide the Imagify service to your clients without sharing your account’s API key, we recommend creating sub-accounts.

To learn more about this, view our documentation on “How to Create Sub-accounts”.

Bundling Imagify With Hosting Packages Not AllowedPlease note that while developers may offer Imagify services to clients they create websites for, Imagify services may not be included or bundled as part of any hosting packages.
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