What Happens When I Unsubscribe / Disable the Plugin?

Deactivating Imagify Plugin

When you disable the plugin, your optimized images will remain optimized.
However, newly uploaded images will not be optimized unless Imagify plugin is enabled.

Additionally, if you have Monthly or Yearly subscription plan and you deactivate Imagify plugin, your subscription will not be cancelled. It will continue to renew & bill your account automatically.

You can contact our support for assistance with your plan cancellation.

InformationIf you have enabled the Backup Option, backups of the original images are still available.

Unsubscribe from Monthly or Yearly Subscription Plan

When you unsubscribe from your paid Monthly or Yearly Subscription Plan, your account will be scheduled to be cancelled and switched to the Free Plan (one day before your paid subscription plan renews).

This means that if you still have remaining quota from your current paid plan, you can continue to use it and continue to optimize images (until you’ve used up all your quota, or until the cancellation date).

After the cancellation date, whatever remaining quota you have from your paid subscription plan will be gone, and your account will be switched to the Free Plan, and your quota will be reset to Free Plan quota of 25MB every month (renews monthly).

InformationIf you have One-Time Plan, your One-Time Plan quota will not be affected by the cancellation of your Monthly or Yearly Plan.
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