How to Optimize Images from WordPress Plugin

Via Bulk Optimization

With Bulk Optimization, you can optimize all your images in one-click, under one compression level.

NoteIf you have more than 10,000 images, you will need to launch the bulk optimization several times. Make sure to keep this window open.
  1. Go to Media > Bulk Optimization
  2. Select your Compression Level (Normal, Aggressive or Ultra)
  3. Select “Imagif’em all!” or “Start Bulk Optimization” to optimize all your images
InformationBy default, newly uploaded images will be automatically optimized.

Via Media Library (List View)

  1. Select all the files by ticking the File Box
  2. In Bulk Actions dropdown menu, select “Optimize”
  3. Click “Apply”

Optimizing images from the Media Library will allow you to select individual images you’d like to optimize.

Re-optimizing images to a different compression level, How to Restore Images to Original, and Compare Original VS Optimized are also possible.

TipIf you have lots of images, selecting “Screen Options” will allow you to display maximum of 999 items per page.
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