How to optimize images from the WordPress Plugin

There are 3 different ways to optimize images from within the WordPress plugin, and the details of each are outlined below.

Auto-Optimization During Upload to Media Library

When this option is enabled, images uploaded to your Media Library will automatically be optimized. This option does not apply to images uploaded using any other methods or to any other folders on your server. Auto-optimization is enabled by default in Imagify Settings, so if you do not want this, you would need to deactivate it.

Bulk optimization

This option can be used to optimize all your images at once, and can be found in Media Library > Bulk Optimization. The page does need to remain open while this process is completed, but you can open new browser tabs to do other work until it finishes. If the process is stopped at some point, you can continue it anytime and it will continue where it stopped from last time. Images won’t be re-optimized unless you’ve changed the optimization level to something else.

Individual Optimization

You can choose specific images in Media > Library (List View) and optimize them individually. Optimization statistics and options will be in a separate Imagify column for each image after optimization is complete.

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