How to delete WebP images from your website?

If you need to delete the WebP images from your website, you have a few different options, but to start, you may need to know how to locate your WebP images.

WebP images will be located in the same folder in which the original format version of the images is located. So if the original format image is located at wp-content/uploads/2020/02/image.jpg, then its WebP version will be at wp-content/uploads/2020/02/image.jpg.webp

Delete WebP images using an FTP program

You can delete WebP versions of images by connecting directly to the files on your website’s server using an FTP program. Using an FTP program, you will be able to delete your WebP files individually or in larger groups at the same time.

Depending on which FTP program you are using, you can search for .webp or *.webp, which will return all WebP images and you can then quickly select them all and delete. But be careful, as this would also return images or files that just have .webp somewhere in their name or URL.

Delete WebP images using an SSH / Terminal command

If you are able to connect to your website’s server via SSH, you can also use the following command to quickly delete all your WebP images. It would be good to fully back up your site before doing this to be safe.

find . -name "*.webp" -type f -delete

Delete WebP images by restoring to original

The final option you have for deleting your WebP images is to first go to your Imagify plugin settings page and disable the “Create webp versions of images” option. Once that has been done, if you restore all your images to original, the WebP versions will automatically be deleted in the process. Since the “Create webp versions of images” has been disabled, you could then re-optimize your images and the WebP versions won’t be generated.