How to Restore Images to Original

NoteWhen images look blurry or pixelated, instead of restoring images to original, it is recommended to select a lower compression level and run the Bulk Optimization to re-optimize your images.

How to Optimize Images from WordPress Plugin

WarningRestoring images to original is only possible when you have the Backup Option enabled.

Check if the Backup Option is enabled

  1. Go to Settings > Imagify
  2. Enable Backup original images by ticking the box
  3. Save Changes

With the Backup original images enabled, your original images are kept in a separate folder before optimization process.

Restore Via Media Library (List View)

TipIf you have lots of images, selecting “Screen Options” on the upper right corner will allow you to display maximum of 999 items per page.
  1. Select all the images you’d like to restore by ticking the file box.
  2. Under Bulk Options, select “Restore Original”
  3. Click “Apply”

This will restore all your selected images to original.
You can also restore files individually by simply clicking the “Restore Original” next to the image.

NoteRestoring images to original will not give back the quota consumed.
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