Guide: Getting Started With Imagify

Thank you so much for choosing to use Imagify as your image optimization solution!We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started, so we’ve created this guide that should provide useful information, whether you’re using our WordPress plugin, the Imagify Web App, or the Imagify API for customized solutions.
  1. What is Image Optimization and Why is it Important?

    If you’re not quite sure what image optimization is, this post will help you understand it better, and it will also explain the reasons why it is important for your website. [Read more]

  2. How to Create Your Free Imagify Account

    If you’re interested in using Imagify, but you’re not quite sure how to get started, this page will show you how to create your Imagify account and get it activated. [Read more]

  3. How to Install the Imagify WordPress Plugin

    If you have a website built on WordPress, then you’ll likely want to download the Imagify WordPress plugin to optimize your images. This guide will show you how to install the plugin and provide an outline of the new functionality it adds to your site. [Read more]

  4. How to Decide Which Subscription Plan You Need

    If you think you might need one of our paid subscriptions to get all your images optimized, this post will help you choose a plan. It will show you how to use our “What Plan Do I Need?” tool, which will offer a recommendation for the plan that suits your situation the best. [Read more]

  5. How to Connect to Your Imagify Account

    This page will show you how to connect to your Imagify account when using the Imagify WordPress plugin, the Imagify API, and the the Imagify Online App. [Read more]

  6. On How Many Sites Can I Use Imagify?

    You can use your Imagify subscription for as many sites as you’d like, and this page will detail the different ways you can connect your Imagify account to each of your sites. [Read more]

  7. Our Recommended Imagify Settings

    If you’re not sure exactly how to configure your Imagify settings, we’ve created this page that contains our suggestions and recommended settings. [Read more]

  8. Using the WordPress Plugin To Optimize Images

    This guide will get you started optimizing your images using the Imagify WordPress plugin and show you each of the ways this can be done. [Read more]

  9. Using the Imagify App to Optimize Images

    You can view this guide for information on how to optimize your images using the Imagify App. [Read more]

  10. Using the Imagify API To Optimize Images

    If you’d like to use the Imagify API to create a custom solution implementing the Imagify image optimization service, this guide will help you get started. [Read more]

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