How to Optimize Images from Imagify App

You can optimize images using the Imagify online App by taking the following steps:

  1. Login to your Imagify App account
  2. In the Optimizer, select Compression Level and/or Output Options
  3. Upload your images
  4. Download your optimized images from the Optimizer Page (in a zip file) or in History Page (individually).
WarningStarter accounts have a file upload limit of 2 MB. Click here to subscribe to a plan.

Combining All Your Images Into One Zip File For Download

NoteOnce you leave the optimization page, the option to download images in one zip file will no longer be available.

Downloading Individual Images From the History Page

NoteImages are stored in the History page for 24 hours with a free Starter account and for an unlimited time with a paid monthly or yearly plan or until your subscription ends.
Please note that the technical limit for image maximum size of optimization is 32MB. If original image is larger than 32MB, Imagify will not be able to compress it.
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