How is Quota Usage Calculated?

Quota is consumed based on the following:

When you optimize images or launch the bulk optimization, it will consume your quota.

Number of thumbnails 
For example you have 10 thumbnail sizes, when you optimize an image, it will be a total of 11 images optimized. Each image (original and thumbnails) contribute to the consumption of quota. 

Original File Size of Images
If you send an image (example 100KB size) to Imagify, it will deduct 100KB from the quota. 

Changing compression levels & re-optimizing images
If you optimize your images using Smart Compression, it will consume quota.
If you re-optimize image with Lossless compression, it will re-optimize the images and will consume your quota again. 

Using API key in another website
It’s possible to use one Imagify account in an unlimited number of sites. If you are using your Imagify account’s API key in your other websites, your quota will be shared evenly across all the sites using your API key. 

Note: Restoring images to original will neither consume quota, nor return the quota back. For images with error, quota is not consumed.

If all your quota is consumed, here’s a guide on “How to Continue Optimizing When all Quota is Consumed”.

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