How to create sub-accounts

InformationSub-accounts are only possible to be created using Master Account subscribed to Monthly or Yearly Plans. Master Account is billed for the subscription.

To see more details on our subscriptions, visit the How to Subscribe to Monthly / Yearly Plan documentation guide.

Sub-accounts are a great way to manage multiple accounts or websites by allocating quota to each account, giving you more control over how your credits are used.

To create sub-accounts:

  1. Log into your Imagify Pro Account
  2. Under Sub-accounts > “Add a Sub-account”
  3. Enter Sub-account info
  4. Allocate Quota
  5. Save & Create Sub-account
WarningSub-account email should not be an already-existing account in Imagify. Otherwise, you will get the message: “Email field should not be empty”.

Once you’ve created your sub-accounts, you can view each API key and regenerate a new one when needed. You can also edit sub-account info, delete sub-accounts or transform them into regular accounts, and edit or remove quota from them.

You only have to assign quota to your sub-accounts once. If you give X quota to a sub-account, each month that amount of quota will be removed automatically from your master account’s quota and applied to the sub-account.

If the “allow to be over quota” is enabled in the sub-account, it means it can consume more than the quota you assign to it, which will be deducted from the master account quota.

NoteThere is no limit on how many sub-accounts you can create. But each sub-account email should be unique. You can use email aliases as it could be useful in some cases:…