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It's a fact that the average web page keeps getting heavier. It can be blamed on images, as they are more and more prominent.

Why should we have to choose between beauty and speed? It is time to fix this.

Speed up your websites

With lighter images you will gain in speed, user experience and even in SEO.

Save time

Stop fine-tuning your images, they are now automatically optimized.

Don't sacrifice quality

Reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality. They will remain beautiful.

Directly from your
WordPress website IN 1 MINUTE
  • Optimize all your images
    in one click
  • Resize your images on the fly
  • Restore your media in their original versions
    when you need to.
  • Your images are automatically optimized
    in the selected compression level

Imagify WordPress Plugin

Optimize your images

and improve your loading time in less than 5 minutes

Your Visitors Will Be Fulfilled

your website

Images can account for 50% of your loading time. By compressing them you will quickly gain precious seconds.

user engagement

A fast web page encourgages your visitors to stay on your website and to keep on browsing. Offer them an ultra­fast experience!

your traffic

Search engine robots will have less difficulty crawling your website. Consequently you will improve your SEO and become more visible.

Watch your
conversions rise

With more visitors and more engagement you will naturally have more subscribers and more sales!

Unoptimized VS Imagified

Our algorithms will reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality. See the difference!

Do you know how compression works? We have produced a guide on the subject!

Learn more

You will not see any image degradation!

Loading Time on a standard connection



File Size JPG format



Annual Cost 10k requests per month



Image Quality Visual assessment




you aren't alone

images already optimized by our users

Optimize your images and improve your loading time in less than 5 minutes

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This is not magic, it's Imagify

We have built our service so that
you can optimize your website with your eyes closed.

Optimize, whatever technology you use

You can compress your images from our online app, our API or directly in your favorite CMS.

Choose your level of compression

With Normal, Aggressive and Ultra levels, keep the best quality possible or seek the ultimate performance.

Keep an eye
on your gains

See how much you've saved with before/after compression statistics in your dashboard.

Here's what our users think of Imagify

We didn't pay them to talk about it.

D.J. Paris

Imagify simply works better than any other image optimizer. And I should know, as I've tried them all! Highest possible recommendation.

  • Maxime Bernard-Jacquet


    Thanks to Imagify, I've reduced the filesizes of images on my website by 70%. I love the user-friendly interface and the optimization automation.

  • Daniel Roch

    CEO at Seomix

    Imagify, a powerful tool to properly compress your images. Simple to use, effective and fast: in short, a very good tool to use everyday.

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