Speed Up Your Website with Lighter Images

Make your website faster with Imagify – the simplest image optimization tool to improve web performance and save time. It takes one click to resize, compress and convert your images to WebP and Avif.

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Make Your Images Lighter and Your Website Faster

Do you have tons of large images making your website incredibly slow? Is your PageSpeed performance score red, alongside the Core Web Vitals grades? Do you struggle to compress images in bulk?

If that’s you, Imagify can fix your image performance issues easily and quickly.
When we say “quickly”, we mean less than 200 milliseconds per image. Yes, we find it impressive too.

You don’t need to understand anything about image compression levels. Imagify will automatically balance performance and quality thanks to Smart Compression – and that’s why 93% of our users think Imagify is easy to use.

Keep an excellent image quality

No matter how many heavy images you have, Imagify will compress their size and make them lighter without sacrificing quality. Just load it on us, we’ll take care of it.  

Speed up your website, no compromise

Lighter images will improve your website loading time and key performance metrics, including PageSpeed performance score and Core Web Vitals. No compromise on the visual aspect.

Save time

No need to be a professional to optimize your images. Let Imagify do the job for you. Quickly.

Imagify is an awesome tool that is powerful & easy to use. It’s fast, rivals and surpasses other established plugins/software. Awesome!

Simon Harper Business Owner @SHR Design
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Optimize Your Images on WordPress in 1 Minute

Imagify is the easiest WordPress image optimization plugin to boost your image performance right away.

  • Compress all your images in one click
  • Get both performance and quality thanks to Smart Compression
  • Convert images to WebP and Avif
  • Resize your images on the fly
  • Restore your images to the original version when you need to
imagify bulk optimization

Discover What Image Performance Can Do for Your Business

This is how we would like every tool to work: you have a problem, you press a button, and just like that, problem solved. This is what we have done with Imagify. 

Making your images faster means reducing your website’s loading time, improving your Google PageSpeed performance score, and optimizing your Core Web Vitals grades.

This is crucial if you want to improve your website visibility on Google and deliver the best possible user experience to your visitors.

No one likes a slow website and images taking forever to load – so 2000’s! Improving your image performance brings many advantages to your business – including a better reputation and brand image. You can’t look modern and relevant if your website takes forever to load. Use Imagify to your advantage!

Make your website faster 

Images can account for 50% of your loading time.

By compressing them, you will gain precious seconds.

Improve SEO performance

A fast website also means increasing the SEO visibility on Google – which can bring more high-quality traffic.

Enhance user experience

A fast web page encourages your visitors to stay on your website and keep browsing. Offer them an ultra­fast experience!


With more visitors and more engagement, you will naturally have more subscribers and more sales!

Unoptimized VS Imagified

Our algorithms will reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality.
See the difference!

Do you know how compression works?
We have produced a guide on the subject!

You will not see any image degradation!

Unoptimized (JPG)

Imagified (AVIF)

Image Size





Image Quality





Total Saving

That’s how lighter this image is thanks to Imagify


Google PageSpeed Audits Fixed

  • Efficiently Encode Images
  • Convert to NextGen Formats

Images Already Optimized By Our Users


Make Your Images Lighter

And improve your website loading time easily 

It’s Not Magic, It’s Imagify

Imagify is the easiest image optimizer for your website.
The same people behind WP Rocket, used on over 3 million websites, built Imagify – we know what it takes to get a blazing-fast site!

Keep an eye
on your performance gains

See how lighter your images are with the before/after compression statistics in your dashboard. Your website loading time and performance metrics will improve, too!

Take advantage
of WebP and Avif optimization

Imagify is also a WebP and Avif image optimizer to convert your photos to the next-gen format recommended by Google to make your website faster.

Enjoy the best
compression ratio

Don’t worry about finding the right image compression settings or degrading image quality! Smart Compression will automatically compress your images at their best without impacting quality.

Here’s What Our Users Think of Imagify

These are genuine and unedited comments from our community

mark wilkinson

Images and other media are the largest parts on your web pages (most likely). Therefore don’t forget to optimise images for the web before adding to your site. For WordPress there are many optimisation plugins available.
My favourite is Imagify.

Mark Wilkinson Co-founder @Highrise Digital

To give your images a slimming treatment, without altering them aesthetically, there is a great plugin on WordPress: Imagify. Simple, efficient and functional, it’s really worth a look.

Alex Bortolotti Founder @WP Marmite

Imagify is an awesome tool that is powerful & easy to use. It’s fast, rivals and surpasses other established plugins/software. Awesome!

Simon Harper Business Owner @SHR Design

Slow websites don’t rank well. Big images slow down websites. The easiest way to fix that is to compress them. For WordPress, the easiest way to do that is Imagify.

Brandon Rollins Owner @Pangea Marketing Agency