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All plans start out as a FREE Account which comes with 25MB monthly plan on unlimited websites.
No credit card is required to sign up.

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1GB of data per month

approx. : 10.000 images

$4.99/ month

$49.9/ year

$5 per additional GB


2GB of data per month

approx. : 20.000 images

$8.99/ month

$89.9/ year

$4 per additional GB


5GB of data per month

approx. : 50.000 images

$19.99/ month

$199.9/ year

$3 per additional GB


15GB of data per month

approx. : 150.000 images

$39.99/ month

$399.9/ year

$2 per additional GB


50GB of data per month

approx. : 500.000 images

$69.99/ month

$699.9/ year

$1 per additional GB

All plans start out as a FREE Account which comes with 25MB monthly plan on unlimited websites.
No credit card is required to sign up.

One time plans is useful if you have a lots of existing images which need to be optimized. You can use it for bulk optimizing all your past images. You will pay only once.

1GBApprox: 10,000 images


3GBApprox: 30,000 images


10GBApprox: 100,000 images


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Simple and easy interface

Optimize and resize your images from a user-friendly interface without worrying about complex settings.

Simon Harper

11 jan. 2015 @ 10:53

@imagify is an awesome tool that is powerful & easy to use. It's fast, rivals and surpasses other established plugins/software. Awesome!

Useful add-ons
for your CMS

Use Imagify directly from your CMS with our available add-ons.

All your images will be automatically optimized on upload or manually with bulk optimization.

Eric Walter

21 déc. 2015 @ 13:39

Clearly @imagify is the most awesome tool to compress images on your website ! A must try

Optimize, whatever technologie you use

A complete, easy-to-use and well-documented API enables you to use all the power of Imagify in your application.

Ivica Delic

8 jan. 2015 @ 08:50

If you want to "squeeze" your images as much as possible and "trim out" your website on the highest professional level... Imagify

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is registration free?

    Yes and no credit card is required.

  • What is the quota of the free account?

    Free accounts have 25MB per month.

  • What kind of payments do you accept?

    You can purchase Imagify with any type of credit through Stripe or pay via Paypal, your choice!

  • Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

    Yes, you can change to a higher or lower level at any time, with a pro-rated payment. When you change subscription the new quota applies immediately.

  • What will happen if I exceed my quota?

    With a free account, once your quota reached ,you cannot optimize new images until its renewal. With a paid account, you will be charged according to additional GB pricing of your subscription.

  • Is it possible to unsubscribe?

    Yes of course at anytime. Shoot us an email and we'll take care of it for you.

  • Is it possible to use my subscription on more than one website?

    Yes, you can use Imagify on more than one website easily with our sub-account feature. This feature is free and available in your Imagify account. You can create a sub-account for each website and assign a portion of your Imagify credit to it. A dedicated API key will be generated for each website. This feature is only available to users that have a paid subscription.

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