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General Questions

About Imagify

What is Imagify
Imagify is an image optimization tool that helps you reduce the size of your images the easy way without losing its quality.
Imagify also converts your images to WebP format, which will additionally reduce the size of your website making it faster.
Why is image compression important?
A fast site is important primarily for visitors who may leave a website that is too slow, but also for SEO performance since search engines consider website speed as a ranking factor.
Website size is one of the most important factors that affects website performance: images can account for 50% of your loading time. By compressing them you will quickly gain precious seconds and make your website faster.
What makes Imagify better than other image optimizer tools?
Imagify is extremely powerful: our advanced compressing algorithm will reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality.
Imagify is also super easy to use. Thanks to its intuitive design, you can easily get familiar with the interface and services without thinking about it.
And our dedicated customer support will help you fix any issue with your optimizing process. Support is available via contact form, either on our website, or directly on your Imagify plugin settings page.
How can I measure the impact on speed score?
You can use GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights to check the relevant suggestions. It is recommended to test the following metrics before and after the optimization:
  • Total Page Size (GTMetrix)
  • Optimize images (GTMetrix)
  • Serve images in next-gen formats (PageSpeed Insights)
  • Efficiently encode images (PageSpeed Insights)

How it works?

Which formats can be optimized?
Imagify can optimize jpgs, pngs, pdfs and gifs (whether animated or not).
How should I know which compression level is best for me?
There are three compression levels available : Normal, Aggressive and Ultra.
Normal compression is a "lossless" optimization. This means there is no loss of image quality.
Aggressive and Ultra compression are more powerful, so the picture quality will be somewhat reduced. The weight of the image will be much less.
We recommend Aggressive as the best balanced level that reduces the size but does not affect the quality.
It would be best, however, to test the 3 levels of compression on a smaller amount of images and see how it affects the quality of your image. Once you see which one suits your needs, you can easily run the others via Bulk optimization or Media Library page.
How does the optimization process work?
The image optimization process is performed on our servers. Once done, Imagify returns the optimized image to your server. We do not edit images’ title or any other information, so there is nothing further to be done on your end. Your original images will be moved to a dedicated backup folder (just make sure to keep the Backup option active in Imagify settings).
How long are images stored by Imagify?
Once your images have been optimized via the WP plugin, they stay on your end forever (even if you delete the Imagify account).
During the optimization process, images sent via the API or WordPress plugin are stored for one hour on our server (they are already sent back to your site and stay there safely).
Using the online application, images are stored for 24 hours (with a free account) and for unlimited time if you have a paid subscription.
Can I restore images after compression?
Yes, as long as the Backup option is active in Imagify settings (it is active by default when you activate the WP Plugin).
If I remove Imagify, will my images stay compressed?
Yes, your images will stay compressed even after removing Imagify (and even after you delete your Imagify account
If I use Imagify, do I need to continue optimizing and resizing my images with Photoshop?
Do not waste your time resizing and optimizing your images in Photoshop. Imagify takes care of everything!
Is the EXIF data of images removed?
By default EXIF data is removed. It is possible to keep it with the WordPress plugin by enabling the option in Imagify Settings page.
Which CMS add-ons are available?
At this time, Imagify is available for WordPress. You can use our API to connect it to other CMS platforms

WordPress Plugin

I used Kraken, Optimus, EWWW or WP Smush, will Imagify further optimize my images
Absolutely. Most of the time, Imagify will still be able to optimize your images even if you have already compressed them with another tool.
Will the original images be deleted?
No. Imagify automatically replaces the images with an optimized image. The backup option allows you to keep the original images and restore them with one click.
Is it possible to re-optimize images with a different level?
Yes. By activating the backup option in the plugin, you can re-optimize each image with a different compression level.
What happens when the plugin is disabled?
When the plugin is disabled, your existing images remain optimized. Backups of the original images are still available if you have enabled the images backup option.
On which web hosts can the plugin be used?
The plugin can be used on all hosts including "managed hosting" providers like WP Engine.
Is Imagify compatible with Multi-Site?
Yes, Imagify is 100% compatible with multi-site.
Can we use Imagify on
It is possible to use Imagify plugin on if you have a Business account.


Do you offer support?
Yes, the Imagify team offers full email support. You can contact us via our contact form.
When is support available?
Our support is currently available Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM CET. We answer every email so you can expect the answer from us within 24h max (unless during the weekends).
Do you have a partner or affiliate program?
Not yet. You can contact us via our contact form to get notified as soon as we publish one of these.
However, you can still resell Imagify to your clients by creating sub-accounts.

Subscriptions questions


Is registration free?
Yes and no credit card is required.
Do you offer a trial version?
No. However, you get 20MB of quota per month for free.
Which plan should I choose?
It would be best to check the size of your Media Library.
Based on this, you can see what plan might suit your needs best. Still not sure? No worries, get in touch with us and we will recommend you the best plan.
Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my subscription?
Yes, you can change to a higher or lower level at any time, with a prorated payment. When you change subscription the new quota applies immediately.
What is the quota of the Starter account?
Starter accounts have 20MB per month.
What will happen if I exceed my quota?
With a free account, once your quota is reached, you cannot optimize new images until its renewal.
With a paid account, you will be charged according to additional GB pricing of your subscription.
In case you opted for an Infinite plan, you can optimize as many images as you want (fair use policy).
Is easy to cancel?
Yes of course, whenever you want.
The monthly quota you've already paid for will remain available until the end of the billing period. Then, you won't be billed again and your account will switch to the STARTER plan, with a 20MB quota.
How many websites can I optimize with Imagify?
You can use Imagify on as many websites as you wish. Your quota will be shared evenly across all of the websites. If you need more control over how your Imagify subscription is used, you should create sub-accounts to allocate a quota for each.


What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express…) and PayPal.
How can I change my payment method?
It would be ideal to contact us as we would have to cancel your current subscription so you could update the payment method (from Credit Card to PayPal and Vice Versa).
Will I get an invoice?
Yes, you can find all of your invoices in your Account’s Billing page
How do refunds work?
According to our Terms of Service (# 18) we oblige to cancel a monthly subscription any time if requested, but we do not provide refunds.
Imagify is available free of charge for unlimited time; we expect our customers to take advantage of that service and test the product before purchasing a subscription.
While we understand that from a customer perspective an exception from this policy would certainly be welcomed, we hope it is also understandable that as a business offering free services, we have to draw a clear line in how we handle paid subscriptions.


How do I create an Imagify account?
Creating an Imagify account is free. You can do so here. This way, you will be able to use the WordPress plugin and download the optimized images from our free image optimizer (the App) and subscribe to our service.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password by resetting it via the login page. Just enter the email address and we'll send you instructions to reset your password.
What are Imagify sub-accounts?
Imagify sub-accounts is a free service that gives you more flexibility with your Imagify plan. You can share your subscription across multiple websites by allocating a specific amount of your credit to a specific website. Sub-accounts are available for pro customers. At the moment, free accounts cannot have sub-accounts.
How do I add Imagify sub-accounts?
To create a sub-account, you must log into your Imagify account. Go to the “Account” section where you will be able to add your new sub-account. You must provide an email address and an image optimization allowance for each sub-account.
Is there a limit for sub-accounts?
You can create as many sub-accounts as you need. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you cannot allocate more Imagify credit than you have purchased.
Can I use the sub-account feature with the API?
Yes you can! For more information, please refer to our API documentation.
Can I share my Imagify account or credit?
One Imagify account (API Key) can be used on unlimited websites. If you need to allocate the quota to other accounts, you can do that by creating sub-accounts for each specific user you need.



Is there any specific documentation for the API?
Yes, you will find it at this address :

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