Brand assets

Thanks for your interest in Imagify! Below are a few guidelines for using Imagify brand resources, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

You can download individual assets in each section or you can download everything all at once below.

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These are Imagify brand colors. Copy the HEX codes below.


Background & text Dark Blue

#1F2332, #2E3243, #65727C


Background only Light gray

#F2F5F7, #E5EBEF


Accent color Blue

#40B1D0, #338EA6


Alt accent color Green

#8BC34A, #6F9C3B


We have screenshots of the Imagify Dashboard and WordPress plugin. You can either download the zip, or download the screenshots individually

Website Home PageFree trial for image compressionApplication: our optimizerApplication: after optimization doneApplication: user accountWordPress Plugin: Simple registration stepsWordPress Plugin: Never quit your administrationWordPress Plugin: bulk optimizationWordPress Plugin: datas in medias list & Admin bar moduleWordPress Plugin: settingsWordPress Plugin: compare images to make the right choice

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