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Imagify is a must-have, it shrink images like no other anything else, it's fast, and the resulting image quality, even in Ultra mode, it's just perfect!

I think I will never find any other plugin as good as Imagify,or as good as their support.

You will never regret using it.

Imagify is without a doubt the best image compression service for WordPress.

It offers great functionality, and above all, it's affordable. It supercharged the load times for the page of my client, boosting SEO while retaining image quality.

If you're searching for an image compression service, look no further.

Imagify is the best image service I've tested.

It saves me hours compressing images for clients, and always gives me high-quality results.

First I was a bit suspicious about the Imagify, because I though I have processed my images very well in Photoshop.

It turned out that Imagify actually compressed those images between 35-70% without eye-seeing decrease in quality.

Thanks, this is truely a service of 2016 for me!

Current WordPress sites know images are huge, but huge images, while good for user experience design, are bad on user experience load time.

Best plugin for me: Imagify. Easy interface and great results.

Gigabytes of images automatically optimised without lifting a finger.

My clients love this shit!

When Imagify came as a complement to WP Rocket, I quickly realized I could trust it with compressing pictures without lowering the visual quality.

That was a very nice surprise to me which I had not anticipated.

Imagify is so easy to use, integrates completely in WordPress and saves a lot of time.

It makes my customers happy, optimizes websites in addition and creating additional Google ranking potential.

Imagify is a handy tool that takes care of the image size on the fly.

It is so powerful that I don't need to worry about the sizes of the images any more.

As a photographer, most of my content is images and I need a fast website to keep my users attention and converting.

When I tried Imagify for the first time, I said: This is what I always looked for!

Now my website is a lot faster and i save a lot of money with my CDN because the images are up to 80% more lightweight.

Definitely, I recommend Imagify! Love it!

I am impressed by how quickly and efficiently Imagify optimizes my images.

It is much more effective than other solutions I have tried.

I especially like how bulk optimizing puts minimum load on my server which is really important when using shared hosting.

Imagify has eliminated the stress of optimising images on our WordPress projects.

The Favourite Part is the ability to restore the image if the compression option we chose was too much.

Site loading speed has increased significantly and in turn reduces monthly Bandwidth transfer.

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