April 17, 2017

How to speed up your WooCommerce website

According to Kissmetrics, if your website takes over four seconds to load, you are likely to lose 25% of visitors and if it takes 10 seconds to load, you are likely to lose 35-40% of visitors. We all know this: there’s nothing more annoying than slow loading site. Users do not like to waste their time waiting for a website to lead. If they don’t get what they want in time, they will seek the information or the product elsewhere. After all, on the web, everything is one click away. Users do not have to rely on one single source to find what they need.
This brings us to WooCommerce websites. If you have an online store, chances are that you are losing customers if your product pages take forever to load. Website speed is essential for 3 reasons:

  • A faster Woocommerce website will maximize your conversions
  • Google strongly favors fast-loading websites (especially on mobile)
  • Performance is a key component of a good user experience (which in turn helps reduce bounce rates)

You need to speed up your WooCommerce now!

Code, design and many other aspects impact your load time. Not sure where to get started? You can check out this WordPress website pre-launch checklist. It will help you flag errors and areas that need to be improved. WooCommerce is so easy to install and customize for WordPress users. This plugin helps you set-up an online store without going crazy. And it works: 28% of online stores in the world run on WooCommerce.
Want to create an online store that customers return to? Make it fast, make it easy to use and make it awesome! Here are a few things most online business owners forget:

E-commerce websites should always compress images

Humans are visual creatures. It’s hard to sell something without a good product shot. However, images tend to be very large and drag down your load time. It annoys users and doesn’t really help your SEO efforts. So, make a habit of optimizing the images. It minimizes website loading time, bandwidth and progress exploring experience for the users.

Quick tip: Make sure your images do not exceed the size of 15-30K.

How do you keep images web-friendly? You can fix the image size through Photoshop. There are also a lot of tools available to help you make this process painless. Imagify is one of them of course! Do a quick check-up of your important pages: chances are, you will see that images are much too heavy.

Pick the right hosting for your WooCommerce store

There are lots of web hosting companies across the globe. Picking up the correct company and package is crucial. Hosting can make a use difference in your website’s performance. There are many articles dedicated to the subject out there. We recommend you head on over to BobWP’s website to see how to pick the right host for you.

Alternatively, Imagify and WP Rocket have quite a few partners that happen to be hosting companies. We guarantee that these guys offer solid services that are compatible with our products. Check them out!

Use Content Delivery Network properly (CDNs)

CDNs are a useful tool to enhance user experience for both local and international customers. A good CDN lets users download content from resource delivering quick web page load time. Even though companies should host their website based on their target marketplace; CDNs are an ideal way to reach other target marketplaces.There are lots of CDN available that provide free plans perfect for small stores and you can purchase premium plans for the rapid growth. Ideally, you want to pick a CDN that will work with your caching plugin.

Keep your website updated

It may be daunting and time-consuming to update WooCommerce website along with all your plugins but you have to. If you ignore updating for a long time, your online store may be full of risk. There are continuous enhancements made to progress the website speed as it comes to the top priority. If you update all the installed plugins, it will keep conflicts down to a minimum and maximize your performance.

Avoid Adding Too Many Plugins To Keep Your WooCommerce Website Fast

There are lots of WordPress plugins available. Every plugin has its own benefits. However, it is not necessary to have all the plugins on your site. So, make sure you only use the plugin you require. Plugins consume time to load. Make sure you use three to five plugins essential for your site and remove the rest.

Have we missed anything? What are your tips and tricks for speeding up WooCommerce? Share them in the comments!

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